Window Styles

Window Styles

 Whichever window style and manufacturer you choose, you can count on the experienced team of window contractors at Armor Exteriors Inc. We are Staten Island's number one window company offering the largest selection of energy efficient windows in New York. We will provide you with the very best service and window installations possible.

Our replacement window installers are
dedicated to making the entire
window replacement process enjoyable for you and your family while upgrading the appearance and increasing the value of your home. We have everything it takes to bring your home to the next level.

Double Hung Window        
Double hung windows Standard style window.Very affordable. Sashes goes up and down to open and close. Sashes tilt in for easy cleaning. This window can be Combined with picture windows, bay windows, or other double hung windows to create larger window units.  

 Picture Window With Grids Picture windows - Stationary pane of glass in a frame. Can be manufactured  to any size. Because it does not open it can be combined with any other style of window for ventilation. 
 casement bow window with grids  

Bow windows Sill and header are shaped like a bow and the window has a curved projection. Can be built with double hung or casement windows venting or non-venting.

 Casement Bay Window

Bay windows The sill and header are shaped like a pyramid and has a flat projection. This window can be constructed with any combination of windows. Most common style contains a large picture window in the center and a operational window on each side.

 Triple Casement Window  

Casement windows Hinged on either the left or right side of the sash. A crank on the bottom is turned to open the window.


 Garden Window

Garden windows - This window is perfect for bringing the outdoors in. It is constructed of insulated glass and projects out of the home giving you a large area plus a glass shelf to grow plants and herbs. This Window has casement windows for ventilation

 Half Round Window

Half Round windows - This window is shaped like half a circle and does not open for ventilation. Mostly used for light and elegant design both inside and out of your home. It can be installed alone or added above a window or door to achieve an attractive look.

 Slider Window

Sliding windows  -This window opens by sliding the sashes side to side. It can be built with a picture window center for a larger opening.

 Awning Window Awning windows Hinged on the top of the sash. To open this window, the bottom of the sash pushes or cranks out. Perfect window for ventilation while keeping out rain.
  Hopper windows Hinged on the bottom of the sash. To open this window, the top of the sash pulls in. Although this window can be used anywhere in the home, it is mostly used as a basement window


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